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Sponsor Day

Ron Scott has organised an event, hosted by St James Global Private Clients, on Thursday 19th October at Valverde, followed by food and drink at Jardim Vista with prizes on the day. St James will be giving out prizes to individuals and presenting a cup to the winning club. Valverde have 5 triples entered so far,St James Global will be providing food, drink, individual prizes and a cup to the winning club. They are not paying for the green so all players from outside clubs will pay the usual €8 and Valverde pay as you play members will pay the usual €8. It is envisaged that play will start at 10.30 followed by lunch and drinks at Jardim Vista opposite at 1pm, however this will depend on the number of teams entered on the day. When all entries are received we will decide on the format, but matches will not be played after lunch

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