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Club Structure

The club is formally registered with the authorities as a private, non-profit sporting association and is therefore governed by a formally notarised Constitution and set of Club Rules. The Constitution is necessarily written in Portuguese, and may be inspected, on request, by any member. An approximate English translation of the Club Constitution & Rules may be viewed here.

Along with the revised Club Constitution & Rules, the club has introduced a formal Code of Conduct to which all members are required to adhere. This may be viewed at Code of Conduct. Members should also familiarise themselves with the Rules of the Game, and  with the club's dress code.

The club is run by three levels of committee, the members of which are elected by and from the club membership at Annual General Meetings (AGM's), each election being for a 2-year term. (The next election will be held in 2025):

  • A committee whose primary function is to oversee the AGM and any other General Meetings of the membership; this committee comprises: 

    • Club President -  Helen Scott 

    • Club Vice-President -  Jen Preece

    • AGM Secretary -  Margaret Wilson 

  • The Management Committee, consisting of:

    • Four voting members:-

      • President -  Melvyn Knickle 

      • Secretary -  Margaret Wilson 

      • Treasurer -  Maria Romano 

      • Club Captain -  Paul Frampton 

    • additional (non-voting) members co-opted by the committee:-

      • Fiscal Committee President - Derek Attridge

      • Deputy Treasurer - Pat Smith

      • Club Vice Captain - Alan Hyatt

      • Green Manager - Paul Rawlings

    The Management Committee meets monthly, and the minutes of each meeting can be viewed by members.

  • The Fiscal Committee (3 people), which oversees the work of the Treasurer and monitors the club administration. This comprises:

    • Fiscal Committee President -  Derek Attridge 

    • Fiscal Committee Secretary - Jenny Preece 

    • Deputy Treasurer -  Pat Smith 

  • Team selection - Club Captain plus Vice-captains   

  • Overseeing of green maintenance - Paul Rawlings

  • Allocation of rinks - Club Captain

  • Press relations & advertising - 

  • Membership Records - Treasurer

  • Social Events sub-committee - 

  • BA Representatives - Margaret Wilson, Paul Frampton

  • Liaison with Tour Groups - Jen Preece

  • Liaison with Club Charity - Maria Romano

  • Website Maintenance - Sue Knickle

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