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Rules of the Game

Handy Hints for a Happy Match

PLACEMENT OF MAT/CASTING OF JACK/DELIVERY OF BOWL - the front edge of the mat must be a minimum 2 metres from the edge of the 'rear ditch'

The minimum cast jack length is 23 metres

If the jack is incorrectly cast once by each team it is placed 2 metres from the edge of 'front ditch' - NB the mat may then be replaced to any legal position

If a bowl after delivery does not travel 14 metres it is declared 'dead' and removed

If the jack 'rebounds' up the rink the end remains in play IF in its new position it is not less than 20 metres from the front of the mat

At any stage of an end the next bowl to be delivered MUST NOT be played until the previous bowl has come to rest

If after delivery of their bowl a player follows it part OR whole way up the green they MUST be back behind the mat OR reach the head before the that bowl comes to rest

MARKING OF TOUCHERS - should take place as soon as bowl comes to rest or, if the action is likely to disturb the next player's delivery, before that next bowl comes to rest; if not so marked the Toucher ceases to be a 'live bowl' for all purposes; NB if the Toucher rests in a position where marking may disturb its position it must be nominated as a Toucher subject to the same time limits as above.

MEASURING - should be undertaken by the player conceding the shots; after the last bowl of an end has come to rest and it looks as if it might still move then 30 seconds may be claimed before measuring commences.

POSSESSION of  RINK (PoR) - this seems to cause the most discussion! To put it as simply as possible, PoR belongs to the player or team whose bowl is being played; as soon as that bowl comes to rest PoR transfers immediately to the next player/team to play; at that point only the player/team in PoR may ask for or give instruction!

At the delivery end ALL but the player delivering the bowl must stand at least 1 metre behind the back of the mat

At the head end, only the player in PoR and controlling play can be in the head - other players on their team MUST stand behind the jack; players on the other team MUST stand behind the jack AND away from the head

If the jack is in the ditch all but the controlling player MUST stand on the bank and NOT directly behind the jack!

Players at the head end should NOT move around when others are about to bowl.

CHANGING ENDS - all players MUST ensure to walk up the middle of their rink!!

No player should walk close to or alongside the neighbouring rinks and also must not go into the neighbouring rinks where play is in progress!

FOOT FAULTING - there are a few members close to infringing this law on some deliveries and one member very close to infringing this on almost every delivery- to be clear on this, before delivery of a bowl the player must stand on the mat with at least 1 foot or part thereof on the mat and at point of delivery must have 1 foot or part thereof on or above (and within confines of) the mat

Should you have any questions and/or wish for further information/guidance on any of the above and/or on any Laws of the Game please see/contact Mel Knickle

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